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SimCity BuildIt
App Name SimCity BuildIt
Genre Simulation
Developer Electronic Arts
Size 148.8Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update March 08, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is one of the most popular and loved titles in the city building game genre. This game leaves a mark in the hearts of players by its true simulation of what happens in life.

This game also possesses a unique and rich content platform. The game has a pretty close match between the buildings that you need to build to develop the city. Everything will be guided in detail from the first stages of raw material production.

In SimCity BuildIt, gold (game money) will be used to pay for everything: construction money, shopping, upgrades... And this money is only obtained through the rewards of tax collection, building houses, trading, ... But in the first levels, earning gold will not be simple. Therefore, careful and reasonable spending is very important.

Features and buildings in the game are unlocked gradually with each level. When building a city, it is necessary to pay attention to the construction of the works below, and then pay attention to the skyscrapers in the town.

Each level has tight linkages that gamers must overcome, such as having a fire station or providing enough water throughout the city. Therefore, as mentioned above, if you do not spend properly, people will not have enough money to build a city.


Unleash your creativity with SimCity BuilIt

One thing's for sure, SimCity BuildIt is not a quick completion game like the dozens of building games gamers are playing today. Players need to carefully calculate their construction steps to achieve the highest efficiency for the city. When the population has surpassed tens of thousands, great buildings such as embassies, seaports will be unlocked.

Download SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk - Enjoy the feeling of happiness when successfully building a city

When participating in SimCity BuildIt, you will experience the best moments. Here are the highlights of this game that make many gamers so excited.

Abundant city building materials

To build a city, raw materials are extremely important factors. If there is a shortage of materials, it will definitely not be possible to build a building. Understanding that, SimCity BuildIt has equipped with an extremely abundant source of materials to serve players.


Design the city to your liking

However, to get those ingredients, gamers need to find and buy them in stores or other people. Sometimes, some people need your resources too, and you need their resources too. At this point the two sides can establish an exchange. The exchange and trade also help players earn a relatively stable source of income.

Diverse monetary system

To buy any item in the game SimCity BuildIt, money is indispensable. And the currency system at simcity buildIt is very rich including:

  • Simoleons: To get Simoleons, you must exchange currency, upgrade buildings or sell items. In addition, SimCash can also be used to obtain Simoleons by exchanging items.
  • SimCash: This is a premium currency. SimCash helps players buy and upgrade buildings instantly so there's no waiting time. To get SimCash, you have to buy it with real money. In addition, after completing a large project, there is also a chance to receive some SimCash.
  • Golden money: This is the kind of money that allows players to buy the ring key and open the gold store in the game. In order to receive the Golden Key, it is necessary to overcome disaster challenges and over-delivery.
  • Platinum mony: Gamers can only receive platinum through Mayor's Contest. This type of money is very rare, so even if you use real money to buy it or after completing the task, you will not receive this currency.

Classy sharp graphics

There is no doubt about the graphics quality of SimCity BuildIt. This game simulates a virtual city with detailed, sharp, realistic 3D graphics. With a view from above, players can observe all activities in their city.

The city in this game will be beautifully designed with sharp images and vibrant colors. Besides, the game also has weather effects, day and night change according to each season. All of the above factors promise to bring gamers the best experience.

Playing SimCity BuildIt is very simple and easy to understand

Launched decades ago, SimCity BuildIt has become the spiritual food of many generations. Get the incredible strides today because this game has extremely simple gameplay. The task of gamers when participating in the game just needs to build a magnificent city for themselves.


SimCity BuildIt - Build the city of your dreams

With such a simple way to play, sooner or later you will be able to build a city as you like. In the city, players can establish shopping centers and casinos, resorts or magnificent villas… As long as you want, anything can be built.


SimCity BuildIt deserves to be the most classy game today. Do you hesitate any more, quickly join this game to relieve fatigue after stressful working hours.

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