Shoujo City 3D mod + apk 1.3 Unlimited Money/ Free Purchase

Shoujo City 3D
App Name Shoujo City 3D
Genre Simulation
Developer Shoujo City
Size 152.8MB
Latest Version 1.3
Mod info Unlimited Money/ Free Purchase
Update September 19, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Shoujo City 3D

Shoujo City 3D is a game where when gamers join, they will get a lovely anime girlfriend for themselves, after that, players and anime girlfriend will explore the whole city together in many activities. Very interesting difference.

Dating is a typical activity of couples. Players can create dates with their girlfriends in a live style or choose alternative dating styles and activities such as shopping for clothes, accessories, essentials, food. errands, ... or can cook to win the heart of his anime girlfriend, gamers will have to learn recipes and cook for her.

Shoujo City 3D - Super hot virtual dating game

This exciting game is set in a virtual 3D city of Tokyo and the game will focus on exploiting traditional cultures in the beautiful country of Japan. When starting to enter the game, gamers will see a lot of interesting and attractive things here.

Besides, players in Shoujo City 3D can also choose the types of costumes for their girlfriends by clicking on the selection of different clothes and accessories. Each gamer will have his or her own unique anime girlfriend, depending on each person's personal preferences. In addition, gamers can also choose dating mode with a dakimakura pillow.

Download Shoujo City 3D Mod Apk- dating anime girlfriends to your heart's content

It would be interesting to get lost in the virtual love world to date and have a really pretty anime girlfriend, right?

Gamer's Mission

The gameplay of this game is a combination of Visual Novel and sandbox-style city-building and adventures. Players will be able to explore virtual Tokyo in 3D with their lovely anime girlfriend. The main task in the game is how to take care of your girlfriend in the best way, take her out on dates and participate in countless interesting activities in the city.

Characters at Shoujo City 3D

Game participants will be able to freely shape the character and the girlfriend who will stick with them throughout the game. Along with countless preset options, gamers will be able to create many characters with different shapes, from facial features to height and shape. In addition, you can also give yourself really good names for both you and your lovely anime girlfriend.

Dating my girl

Experience the real feeling of dating

The game allows gamers to date their anime girlfriend in the same style as in the novels. Players can take her out, walk around, eat, .. or join together in special activities and events. You can take your girl anywhere she wants.

Players can see this as one of the exciting experiences when in love. In addition, Shoujo City 3D also integrates many extremely intimate actions for ordinary couples. So, you can participate in games organized specifically for couples to make the relationship between you and your lovely girlfriend more stable.

Other interesting activities

Because the game's plot is a real-life story, shopping is indispensable. It is possible to change many different types of costumes as you like with a huge clothing store spoiled for game players to choose from.

You can take your girl to participate in sports activities such as tennis or marathon, etc. Outside of school hours, two people can practice the piano together. It's romantic, isn't it?

Other options at Shoujo City 3D

In addition, you can also choose a few other features when participating in the experience at this game.


Enjoy cosplaying your favorite character very easily

Players can also enjoy cosplaying their game characters with different accessories. Along with many costumes, girlfriends and game characters can transform into many different interesting characters. In addition, the special thing about the game is that it is completely possible to work part-time at cosplay cafes, while looking at your lovely girlfriend, you can also earn a small amount of money to cover your life. Daily life, it's a double job, isn't it?


Shoujo City 3D also integrates gachas so gamers can satisfy their collection preferences. The items sold in the shop can only be obtained if you are lucky enough. By shooting at gacha machines on the street or unboxing from vending machines, players will have the opportunity to own those beautiful clothes.


With extremely interesting dating moments and attractive activities of couples,   Shoujo City 3D has attracted many participants every day and has become very popular. Join the game with us.

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