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Monster Legends
App Name Monster Legends
Genre Simulation
Developer Social Point
Size 119M
Latest Version 14.5.3
Mod info Damage/Always 3 Stars
Update January 03, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Monster Legends

Passionate about the magical animal game world but don't know where to play. Do not hesitate, Monster Legends will entertain players in many ways.

This is a game with many complex and challenging aspects. In this article, we provide an overview of how to play the popular MMO. From building the player's first habitat. So that the player's team can be against other players from all over the world.

Similar to Dragon City, Monster Legends players will be participating in the world of mystical creatures.

Monster Legends mod apk android

Monters Legends - The World of Magical Creatures

Accompanying the player on this journey is the panda Pandaft. This old friend will appear on the left side of the screen. And always give useful advice to players. Players can follow those hints to level up quickly.

The context in the game is really very similar to Dragon City. That is, players will have monsters with different attributes. So players have to build different environments for them to live in. For example, earth, fire, water, natural environment …

During the game play, Pandaft will guide players how to build habitats. Guide to building a farm to grow food for monsters. And how to hatch eggs with predestined conditions with them.

The series also promotes interaction on social media especially on Facebook. Regularly reward players who have chosen to share achievements and status updates with gems.

Download Monster Legends mod apk - Learn the secrets of conquering the most effective game

Monster Legends is a very interesting game. But it can be much more enjoyable when players develop a successful strategy and stick with it. Follow these tips and tricks to become a real monster.

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Tips to play Monster Legends stir every arena

Understand internal and external factors

Similarly a chemist must have in-depth knowledge of the periodic table. An ML player needs to understand the elements of the game. And understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character.

Everything in the game revolves around those elements and cores. From the type of habitat the player needs to create a monster specific to the temple type. Create as much as they require to pass level 10.

Properly adjust your opponent

Making these adjustments helps players strategize carefully before committing to battle. Make sure that the monsters that the player send into the conflict. Will be able to give the player the best chance against a specific group of enemies.

Select monsters in Monster Legends to use at a given time. Must be based on their offensive and defensive strengths or weaknesses. To combat certain elements, as well as special skills that each possess.

Master your special skills

Each player's monster has a specific skill set in their arsenal. Can be viewed on their profile page along with the necessary details about each type. Including their effects in battle.

Understanding the basic skills of monsters is important before choosing a battle. It is their special skill that can be won when used correctly.

Make the most of your inventory

In the heat of the battle is engaging. Multiplayer playing Monster Legends focuses on offensive and defensive skills. And tend to often forget about the useful inventory they are carrying.

Whether obtained in victory or purchased from the choices available in the store. Then these items can provide the player with a certain necessary use in the competition.

How to own gold and gems in the game

Monster Legends mod

Share some experiences to earn a lot of gold and gems

As detailed above, gold and gems can be redeemed in many ways. Like defeating the player's NPCs and enemies. As well as making money from monsters that are idle in their habitat.

There are other ways to earn gems, like watching ads or ads when prompted. There are also times when players will be offered offers from third party advertisers. The party involved completes the survey, subscribes to the service to receive gems or other items.

If the player simply cannot wait or do not have time to earn gems. Players can make in-game purchases made with real money. Or easily buy through the Packs section of the store.


For more helpful Monster Legends tips, read our Top Monster Tips and Tricks article. So here the article on how to play ML has ended. Hope players will always have a lot of luck and please follow our good articles regularly.



What are the configuration requirements of the game?

It requires devices running Android 4.4 and above

What language does it support?

The game features translation. Therefore, the players can play the game in their native language.

Is there an age limit for the game?

Players must be at least ten years of age.

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