Punch Hero 1.3.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Punch Hero
App Name Punch Hero
Genre Sports
Developer Gamevil
Size 30MB
Latest Version 1.3.8
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 12, 2022 (6 months ago)

Description of Punch Hero

With extremely intense fighting scenes in Punch Hero, players will have the opportunity to show their strength and techniques to defeat their opponents. The uppercuts punching techniques will be performed with extreme virtuosity at the Training Center.

With a sharp, vibrant game interface and extremely fun 3D graphics, Punch Hero game gives gamers an extremely attractive character. Participants who have tried this game once will surely be impressed with it. With just one touch, players will find this game interesting right away.

Along with countless game modes and options, Punch Hero promises to bring players to experience endless relaxing moments and dramatic boxing scenes to the climax.

Punch Hero - The most attractive boxing game for phones

Punch Hero gameplay

In general, Punch Hero has quite simple and familiar gameplay and style with the usual boxing genre. Easy to understand and easy to play are the two strong points that attract many gamers to participate.

However, players commented that the gameplay still needs some improvements such as special touches in the context or the street features for tough matches. The game also needs to add more color to female characters so that female gamers can join the game with a new and more exciting color.

Download Punch Hero Mod Apk- discover the ultimate boxing ability

When  becoming a member at this game, players will be allowed to choose a character that they feel interested in. After that, they will enter the period of training the basic skills necessary for each match such as turning, dodging or the technique of hooking and moving four sides. 

However, to be able to become a winner, players also need to have the most necessary skills to be able to control the character smoothly and according to their wishes. Be as flexible as possible, touch the phone screen to move your game character so that you can capture the best opportunities to defeat your opponent and score as many points as possible. body.

The secret to becoming a master in Punch Hero

To be able to become a master to beat every battle here, players need to know for themselves the most basic and necessary secrets. Here are some great tips for players:

Fight smartly

Train yourself with many unique and different fighting techniques every day so that you can become proficient in those fighting techniques. Train your hands to be as agile as possible. These things will need to be practiced for a long time, if you lose many matches, you should not be discouraged, You should learn from the failure and consider it a valuable experience to gain and win in the next matches.

The boxing matches were extremely hot

Choose the right opponent

Choosing the right opponent in a game is also an extremely important factor. This proves one thing is to know how to measure your own strength. Choose for yourself the subjects that are most suitable for your level.

Do not be greedy to choose veteran players, when too many failures will lead to discouragement and no interest in fighting anymore.

Regularly upgrade and use support product packages

In order to become stronger in Punch Hero, in addition to self-training techniques, players should also pay attention to using product packages to upgrade their characters.

Equip your character with tools that can make it easier to win in battle. This not only helps gamers to defeat their opponents in a short time, but also can level up faster than anyone else.

Perform daily tasks

There are always exciting daily quests for gamers, don't be lazy. This is one of the great times to upgrade your character. Take on as many daily quests as possible and complete it as efficiently as possible. When completed, you will receive rewards that are not too high, but enough to contribute to strengthening the character's strength.


What are you waiting for without participating in the extremely attractive Boxing world experience right away!

Above is all the necessary information sent to players about Punch Hero, which we have summarized in detail. Hurry up and join the game and become a top boxer.

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