One Piece Treasure Cruise 11.0.1 MOD APK (God Mode/High Damage) Download

One Piece Treasure Cruise
App Name One Piece Treasure Cruise
Genre Simulation
Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc
Size 79.1MB
Latest Version 11.0.1
Mod info God Mode/High Damage
Update September 19, 2022 (6 months ago)

Description of One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise has officially reached the download milestone with a huge number of up to 1 million downloads. On this very special occasion, Bandai Namco- the game maker held a celebration event for gamers participating in gaming. This is the game that is storming the online game market in Japan in particular and around the world in general.

One Piece Treasure Cruise - The best pirate king game of all time

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a game that allows players to role-play to form a pirate crew, then the group of pirates will adventure together, traveling to faraway, dangerous and mysterious lands in the depths. of the mysterious ocean, fight bravely with dozens of difficulties and especially extremely scary bosses. The game based on the manga One Piece is loved by many young people. Currently, the game is available for players on Android as well as iOS in most demanding online game markets such as the US, Canada, Australia or European countries.

With the strategy game genre, players will have the opportunity to role-play the characters and fight hard. 2D graphics make the game more vivid and interesting combined with many game modes such as single player, or multiplayer mode will make gamers enjoy.

In addition, the special thing at One Piece Treasure Cruise is that the game is completely free, suitable for everyone to participate. So if there is a website or application that requires payment when downloading games, please note immediately, these may be fraudulent websites, do not lose money unjustly.

Download One Piece Treasure Cruise Mod Apk- explore the mysteries of the deep ocean

The game has kept the original plot of the hot hit movie and has been included in this game by countless One Piece loving audiences. At the beginning of the movie One Piece, a notorious pirate named D. Roger tells the gist that his treasure is still out in the ocean far away, challenging those who want to find the pile. that treasure. It is this saying of Roger that has aroused curiosity and entices many people to reach out to sea to find treasures buried in the deep sea. This led to the rapid rise of the era of piracy. This is also the setting of One Piece Treasure Cruise.

The special things in the game

To have such a strong audience, the game certainly has many special things. So, let's find out more about this extremely attractive game for players.

One Piece Treasure Cruise gameplay

Unique gameplay, The game content is very close to the plot

This game has turn-based role-playing gameplay. However, it is not just sitting and watching the characters fight, but the gamers themselves will also have to command your army to be able to win. Players will use very simple touch buttons and gestures on the battle screen, at extreme combos in matches and win those thrilling matches.

Need to choose for themselves the goals they want to hit, as soon as the word Bam is recorded, the player must very quickly choose the next character of his team, let that character fight, continue to do the same with other characters. following object.

Gamer's task at the game

The main task in the game is to build a powerful pirate army to be able to hunt for treasures that are hidden in the deep sea, and at the same time, players will discover the life floating on the sea will take place. out how.

Because the sea is vast, so the tasks will be more difficult, gamers can form many different armies to support the completion of the assigned tasks.

Characters at One Piece Treasure Cruise

The characters who have appeared in the favorite movie One Piece are counted by the publisher in this interesting game. With more than 2000 characters, game participants can freely choose their favorite main characters such as Luffy, Zoro or nami. In addition, in the game there are many villains such as Chopper, Vivi, ... can completely become teammates with each other if the player chooses to join his team.

Important skills in the game

The properties are divided according to the following 5-element system:

  • STR corresponds to Mars, very strong against DEX which is Jupiter.
  • DEX- Jupiter, strong against QCK- Mercury
  • PSY - light and INT - dark are both powerful against each other.

In all battles. All characters will have Gem slots placed next to them and randomly displayed after using that character. The purpose of these gem slots is to assist in increasing and decreasing the power of similar characters but with different attributes.

Join and invite your friends to experience this extremely attractive pirate game!


Treasures under the ocean are still waiting to be discovered by you. So what are you waiting for without downloading One Piece Treasure Cruise right away to join the fierce and bloody battles with us right now.

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