Empire Warriors Premium mod 2.4.20 Unlimited All/VIP

Empire Warriors Premium
App Name Empire Warriors Premium
Genre Strategy
Developer Zitga
Size 91.4MB
Latest Version 2.4.20
Mod info Unlimited All/VIP
Update September 16, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Empire Warriors Premium

Empire Warriors Premium is set in Loria - a fantasy continent. Where humans, elves, dwarves, giants and other mythical creatures live together. Every place you go, every battle you participate in, and every castle you build. There is a story behind it all.


Empire Warriors Premium - The best tower defense game of all time

Players will experience and enjoy many epic battles. In these unique and different map designs. Such as the human plains, the goblin jungles, the dwarves' mountain kingdoms, the deadly swamps, the frozen mountains, etc.

Accordingly, gamers will build the best tactics from 4 types of specialized castles. In particular, the Barrack tower is a place to train mighty warriors. Led by the brave knights of Endia, aim to help the player on the way and destroy the enemy.

Archer Tower deals physical damage and buffs useful attributes to surrounding towers. The Magic Tower is controlled by the best wizards of Endia. Possesses high magic damage, excellent ability to take down enemies and summon dragons.

Finally, the Golem Tower, the most powerful weapon of the kingdom of Endia. Can throw giant boulders at enemies to deal massive damage.

Empire Warriors Premium also has other game modes that are equally complex but equally addictive. In addition to the campaign missions, gamers can also enjoy the endless challenges of the endless mode.

Download Empire Warriors Premium mod apk – Epic Kingdom War

With unique gameplay, the game promises to bring unique experiences. Let's learn more about Empire Warriors Premium game.

Gameplay with effective playing strategy


Possesses extremely attractive gameplay

Participating in Empire Warriors Premium, players will control humanity and engage in battle with other species. The main task is to create a solid defense line that the enemy cannot overcome. You will need to carefully observe the map of the game, come up with different effective tactics.

The game has a very simple gameplay, touch and swipe the screen to create defense systems. You can also own different heroes. Each hero will have their own strengths and skills. To be able to match the different tactics of the players given.

Kill enemies to be able to upgrade towers

Empire Warriors Premium is divided into different difficulty levels. Player must kill enemies to collect gold coins. And players can use the gold coins that have been collected before. Get to upgrade and develop your solid defense system.

The tower defense system in the game is really diverse. Each defense tower will possess different functions. Players will have to choose tower defense carefully and rationally. The game has many other attractive features waiting for gamers to discover!

Impressive 2D graphics


Impressive 2D graphics

Empire Warriors Premium possesses 2D graphics based on cartoon style. The characters and buildings in the game are created very detailed and fun. The visual effects of the attack towers are displayed very smoothly, giving a high impression. The sound of the weapons in the battle is described very vividly.

Summary of the most outstanding main features

Realize your player's best strategy in this Empire Warriors Premium game with 4 new dedicated castles:

  • Barrack Tower to train powerful warriors. Led by the brave knights of Endia to help players block the way and destroy the enemy.
  • Archer Tower has the function of dealing physical damage. And bring back useful buffs to nearby towers.
  • The Magic Tower will be controlled by the best wizards of Endia. Possesses high magic damage. And the ability to take down enemies and summon great dragons.
  • The Golem Tower is considered the mighty weapon of the Kingdom of Endia. Can throw giant boulders at enemies to deal massive damage.

Quick assessment of the outstanding features in the game

  • Stunning Empire Warriors Premium graphics with “True HD” picture quality.
  • Exciting tactical defense gameplay.
  • The vast game screen system comes with many challenging levels.
  • Upgrade minions and generals in a very easy way.
  • Can unlock many new generals.
  • Diverse defensive towers to support diverse.
  • Standard Vietnamese support for Vietnamese gamers.
  • The plot is full of humanity.
  • Simple controls with just a few light touches.
  • Light capacity, suitable for many Android versions from low to high.
  • There are online leaderboards of scores and achievements to compete for.


Empire Warriors Premium is an attractive and unique defense game. Players cannot ignore this great game. With simple gameplay and challenging game modes and impressive visual design. The game will give players the best possible experience.

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