Driving School 2017 mod 5.0 Unlimited Money

Driving School 2017
App Name Driving School 2017
Genre Race
Developer Ovidiu Pop
Size 30.4Mb
Latest Version 5.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 14, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Driving School 2017

Driving School 2017 is a simulation driving game developed by publisher Ovidiu Pop. It recreates everything that matters in reality with next-generation 3D graphics. Produces extremely smooth movements and does not cause stutter or lag. A great environment for people without knowledge to easily access and learn. Find out what you are not good at and improve yourself.

Driving School 2017 is an extremely popular new generation driving school. Here you will find everything you need to achieve your goals. The first is to start the car so accurately and save time. You will then receive detailed instructions from controlling the steering wheel to pressing the brake and accelerator.

Driving School 2017 mod apk android

To master a car, players need to pocket a lot of necessary knowledge. Let Driving School 2017 help you in that extremely complex problem. Drive yourself and experience everything in the cars millions of people dream of. Do whatever you like from going fast, going slow or being destructive. Race every day on endless roads. Vi vu everywhere and enjoy all the most impressive scenery. Even if you are underage, you can still drive without fear of the police.

If the player wants to avoid difficulty, change from first person to third person. At this point, virtual control mode will be activated immediately for you to easily do it. Every movement is intelligently calculated to be as close to reality as possible. After a period of practice, your driving skill will definitely improve immediately.

Download Driving School 2017 Mod Apk – Unleash your passion for speed

Coming to Driving School 2017 is coming to an extremely realistic and vivid virtual world. Let's find out the impressive points of this game.

Various types of luxury cars

You will be surprised with the number of more than 100 different unique cars in Driving School 2017. We will have from popular cars to famous cars, expensive sports cars. With a popular car line, there are a few famous global brands such as Toyota, Hyundai or Mazda.

Driving School 2017 mod apk

In the near-premium segment, we have sports cars from Dodge or Chevrolet. With the high-end class, of course there will be the appearance of Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren or Bugatti. The price of the cars is also calculated according to the actual selling price. You need to successfully complete the tasks set out to be able to accumulate money. Rest assured that you can easily achieve your desires.

With the Mod version, players will even enjoy collecting all kinds of vehicles, from mid-range cars to super cars without spending a lot of money.

Customize your car to your liking at Driving School 2017

Does your car's appearance look ordinary or simply not to your liking? Then just make changes right in the customization section of your own vehicle. There will be a variety of different colors from blue, red, purple, yellow, green, blue, indigo to purple. Any color you want can be completely changed or customized to your liking.

If desired, players can replace accessories such as tires, to create a cool highlight for their car. Not only that, you can also write your name on the license plate. This will help others recognize who you are. Create a different style when in crowded places. Your car is also your preference, no one has the right to comment.

Map of all locations

Gamers will enjoy experiencing more than 19 different locations with the same themes as the real thing. A modern city with high-rise buildings and many beautiful streets. The vast desert with rocks and sand everywhere makes the track dusty and interesting.

Driving School 2017 mod

Endless green grasslands with bumpy and difficult roads. The countryside with wide stretches of roads and picturesque scenery. Each place has a unique character and landscape that no other place can. You can join quick trips right on your mobile device. No need to prepare anything cumbersome or spend too much time on it.

Have fun with friends

Learning to drive alone can sometimes feel tedious and lack interaction with those around you. Therefore, Driving School 2017 gives you the special feature of playing online. Now you will be able to chat with your friends and compete with them quickly.

Just create a room or tap someone else's room. You will be entertained with everyone present in that room. Join them in creating and experimenting with never-before-seen moments. Organize one-of-a-kind races to see whose skills are better.


We have synthesized and shared to you speed enthusiasts about the hot hit game Driving School 2017 Mod Apk version. Hope the above information will be useful and see you in the next interesting article.

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