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CSR Classics
App Name CSR Classics
Genre Race
Developer Naturalmotiongames Ltd
Size 17.5Mb
Latest Version 3.1.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 12, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of CSR Classics

CSR Classics is a high-class game in the Racing genre conceived and produced by NaturalMotionGames Ltd - a company specializing in manufacturing and supplying to the market a series of games in this CSR racing genre. The standard game is a national masterpiece, this has been shown by its popularity everywhere.

CSR Classics gives players the experience of being transformed into a professional racer, participating in dramatic races in the city, becoming the hegemon of the race track, the king of speed. You must master and control your speed to get the victory in your hand.

This game promises to bring a series of new feelings, from excitement to excitement, drama. Speed ​​is what determines the first place of the track, so whether the race is fiery or not is due to the skillful steering as well as the great engine of your car.

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Coming to the higher levels, the more difficult the tracks, requiring players to have good technique and perfect situational skills to drive heavy vehicles. The challenge mode included in CSR Classics helps players advance to become the king of the streets in the city.

This racing game not only helps players relax, but also trains the ability to observe, quickly and quickly. Immerse yourself in the world of supercars and speed and race in many types of terrain, this is the favorite choice of speed enthusiasts.

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CSR Classics will be a perfect game for those who are passionate about racing, passionate about cars. In the dramatic racing, legendary racing cars are "resurrected" by skilled racers.

Starting with the plot as a thrilling anecdote, it follows the long journey of a young racer who begins his career conquering speed in a splendid city similar to Las Vegas. This city is ruled by 5 different gangs. The guy participates in small races to larger ones, thereby starting a confrontation that tears away all the sins of the leader, manipulating the whole city.

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Graphics and sound

CSR Classics is created by the meticulousness and meticulousness of the design team. This is the factor that attracts and makes a strong impression on players. To have the most realistic scene, the team used 3D graphics technology, creating realistic racing tracks.

The background is the streets in the lavish city. The street at night is splendid with street lights, shops and restaurants, adding to the bustling atmosphere for the races. The fast speed, the reproduction of the wheel's movement, the fast tearing of the wind, the sound of the engine, ... all are reproduced in the most realistic and detailed way.

Requirements set out

Let your talent, skillful technique be on display in CSR Classics. Players have the task of building and restoring legendary cars that were present more than 60 years ago. There's no such thing as a modern car, just old, classic cars with high performance engines, from the 90's. Can you fix these vintage cars for dramatic races? charged, flaming?

Become a car mechanic, repair, restore old ones, customize engines, tires, turn an antique car into a new one. Despite the ugly appearance, the spare part still works very well for racing.


Unlike other racing games, the gameplay of this game has quite interesting features. The track will be straight and long, with no bends and no obstacles. Of course, there will be no catastrophic collisions, no turning points to show off your drifting skills. Would you think that would be boring?

This is not the case, because CSR Classics will give players an extremely new experience. Your skills will be on full display while driving the car to compete in a 1x1 race. How to move forward quickly, the faster the speed, the farther away from the opponent, the more bonuses you will receive. New races will have many new opponents, more experienced, let's learn from them.

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Classic car models

There are more than 50 classic car models included in CSR Classics, including Plymouth Superbird, Ford GT40, Shelby Mustang GT500, Pontiac, BMW, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford,... Unique, strange, powerful, engines extreme combat, large capacity, can accelerate quickly, soar in the wind.

Choose your favorite car model, so that the driving techniques will be shown to the fullest, more stimulating and exciting. Try to accelerate to improve experience, upgrade the performance of the car.


As a cult racing game, CSR Classics brings a sense of excitement, stimulation and excitement to those who are passionate about speed. Download to experience great moments with these luxury cars.

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