Chikii 3.17.2 APK Download

App Name Chikii
Genre Simulation
Developer Chikii game
Size 75.4Mb
Latest Version 3.17.2
Update November 17, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Chikii

Chikii is a new cloud gaming service that allows users to play their favorite games on any device through a mobile app or web browser.

Game play

With Chikii, users can access top PC and Console games without having to purchase or download the game. Instead, users can play directly on Chikii's cloud service. Chikii also offers many useful features such as data synchronization, file upload and download, cloud storage, sharing, playroom creation and much more.

One of the advantages of Chikii is that it helps users save money on buying the latest gaming devices, or upgrading the computer's hardware to play their favorite games. With Chikii, users only need a device with an Internet connection, and can play top PC and Console games on it.

Special Features

Chikii has many special features, helping users experience their favorite games easily and conveniently. Here are some notable features of Chikii:

  1. Cloud Gaming: Chikii allows users to play top PC and Console games directly on Chikii's cloud service, without having to purchase or download the game.
  2. Multi-device support: Chikii supports gaming on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.
  3. Cloud storage feature: Chikii provides a cloud storage feature that allows users to store their game files on Chikii's cloud, which saves storage space on the user's device.
  4. Sharing feature: Chikii allows users to share their accounts with friends and family, allowing them to experience their favorite games together.
  5. Data synchronization: Chikii has a data synchronization feature that helps users store and access their game data easily.
  6. File upload and download feature: Chikii provides file upload and download feature, making it easy for users to share and download their game related files.
  7. Create a playroom: Chikii has a playroom feature where users can play games together, creating an enjoyable multiplayer gaming experience.

Graphics and sound

Chikii has beautiful graphics and sound, providing a good gaming experience for users. Chikii's graphics are designed in detail and sharp, with high resolution, making the games look very beautiful and vivid. Chikii's sound is also very good, with realistic sound effects and high sound quality, making the player feel more clear and realistic in the game. In addition, Chikii also provides sound and graphics adjustment tools so that users can customize the settings to their liking.


Chikii has many special features that make it easy and convenient for users to experience their favorite games, including cloud gaming, multi-device support, cloud storage, split feature shall.

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