Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết 1.0.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết
App Name Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết
Genre Simulation
Developer Lê Minh Chiến
Size 481.8MB
Latest Version 1.0.2
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 11, 2022 (1 years ago)

Description of Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết

The rain of praise for Legendary Treasures for sticking to the original version's plot. The game fully recreates the context, the characters are based on the original going through many familiar seas. Each frame is extremely sharp and makes a strong impression on players.

Gamers will follow Luffy's perspective on his journey to the Great Sea. And find yourself the best teammates. To create a band of straw hat pirates capable of conquering the sea.


Immerse yourself in the Legendary Treasure at the Grand Line with Luffy

Legendary Treasure still retains the turn-based role-playing gameplay that is considered a characteristic of the general card game series. But improved and combined with the idle element allows the characters to fight automatically. No need to plow hoes or have to manipulate too much. But resources and rewards are still in the hands of players regularly.

The game doesn't have too many settings to tweak. However, players can still customize the graphic settings they want. In the main interface of the game, click on the avatar in the left corner. At this point, gamers will see several items to customize such as name, music, sound and graphics.

Just released to the community by Gosu publisher on December 23, 2021. The game quickly left a good impression on the mobile gaming community. Possesses impressive anime graphics as well as an attractive way to play generals. The game easily opens up impressive battles between pirates and marines.

Download Legendary Treasures mod apk - Let's go into the most unique details of the game

Legendary Treasure has standard Anime style. Along with many skill effects, the characters performed very spectacularly. Players will admire the game space full of childhood and bold creativity.

Shaping with graphics that stick to the original


Recreate the characters that stick to the original

Graphics in the game faithfully reproduce the image from the original version. With 2D drawings combined with beautiful 3D shaping. Each move has its own power, especially when performing the ultimate move. Players will admire the beautiful animations of the characters. When fighting in the world of One Piece.

New diverse character system

When it comes to Legendary Treasures, we will be no stranger. When the game will bring players the characters in One Piece. The big difference with other game series is that the game owns more than 100 different characters. Players will have the opportunity to meet important characters such as Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Ace, Smoke, ...

Free for players to choose and collect many characters. To build different squad tactics in the game. With the character system going from the original to the game version, players will feel closer and have more emotions.

Exciting gameplay with DPS-oriented characters

The gameplay of Legendary Treasure will revolve around the layout of tactics in each match. With a lineup of 9 different generals balanced with 3 front, back and middle rows. The frontline will be the characters with the highest defense to defend against.

In the middle will be a cast of characters with DPS causing a spread effect. And the back row where the support characters will use their summoner spells to heal, increase damage and speed up the continuous formation. As well as dealing damage from a distance. From here, players can flexibly rotate the flexible Attack-Defense-Guard strategy.

Battleship feature with an extremely important role


Possessing extremely high 3D graphics compared to other games of the same genre

The order of rules to help the Legendary Treasure's battleship make the player strong will be:

Unlock missions: Each battleship has its own unlocking mission. Complete missions to unlock the corresponding Pirate Ships.

Battleship Buff: players can choose battleships to go to battle in the match-making interface. Each Battleship will bring different effects. After the battle, the effect of this Battleship will buff the whole team and the effect is only available in that match.

Battleship Skills: Each Battleship will have its own skill. After entering the battle, it can be automatically deployed in battle. The Battleship skill will begin to cast on the 3rd turn. And the player must wait 3 turns to cool down the skill just used.

Cannon Enhancement: Each Battleship will automatically strengthen its own Cannon. After the Cannon is leveled up, it will increase the damage skill of that Battleship.

Fleet Flag: Each Battleship will have its own Fleet flag. players will have to spend a lot of resources to strengthen the Fleet Flag. To increase the team's attributes including basic attributes, battle strength. And with the buff attribute, the Fleet flags of different Battleships can be stacked together.


Legendary Treasure is the most successful game adaptation among the One Piece themed games. With a diverse weapon system, the combat gameplay is very in-depth. Believe it if the player is a gamer who loves the One Piece storyline. This game is definitely not to be missed.

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