Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại mod Orinals

Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại
App Name Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại
Genre Strategy
Size 562.0MB
Latest Version
Mod info Orinals
Update September 17, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại

Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại is a strategy game. This is a game that takes the plot from the legendary Pokemon cartoon, which is so familiar to many gamers. When participating in the game Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại, the player transforms and becomes a coach to build a strategy for his pet squad.


Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại - The best Pokemon game in 2022

This is a game produced and published by producer Tran Duy Quang. If you are a fan of the legendary Pokemon movie, you probably know that Pokemon has hundreds of different treasures. Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại is a game that many people look forward to and wait for because this new generation pet fighting game will give players an exciting feeling, help players discover the magical world of Pokemon, become Talented trainer with the right methods and tactics for his pet team. Help the pet team become the team with the leading position.

But in the process of training is also extremely arduous and difficult. Players need to capture Pokemon by magic balls. The player also needs to know how to control the monster in order to use its skills to eliminate the opponent. Overcoming difficulties and challenges, players will eventually become a good and talented coach. In addition, when playing the Mod apk game version, players also experience more great features than the original version. What are you waiting for without downloading the Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại game to your device and enjoy it right away.

Download Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại game Mod Apk version - become a talented trainer for your pets

Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại game has two versions, the original version at Google play and the mod apk version. Players will choose which version they feel is suitable. Both versions are virus free and very safe.

In the mod apk version, we can see that the character creation in the game is meticulously designed and similar to the character designed in the movie. The game simulates landmarks, cities, forests, arenas, gyms, giving players an extremely realistic feeling. Give players an intuitive, vivid look at this game.

How outstanding features are in the apk mod version of Legendary Bao Boi:

  • Graphics are designed extremely well with sharp 3D graphics, extremely smooth and beautiful transition effects
  • Hundreds of Pokemon latest and based on the original version of the cartoon.
  • Catch SSR comfortably, unlimited, caught and hit.
  • Contrasting Pokemon, new generation 3-3 battle strategy.
  • Determined to fight in the arena and become a talented coach, number 1.


Players can catch unlimited SSR

Introducing the game Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại

This game belongs to the new generation pet fighting genre, the player transforms into a pokemon pet team coach consisting of 3 people that you want to accompany, explore new and fantasy lands.

The game with sharp, quality 3D design with many smooth and great combat effects has given players a familiar feeling, like being immersed in that Pokemon virtual world.

Each player has the right to use magic balls to catch Pokemon they like. Players must overcome difficult challenges, requiring effort. They have to explore many lands to be able to progress to the top of becoming excellent, talented coaches.

The gameplay in the game is to fight with role-playing and turn-based battles to see the player's ability to fight and master the battle. You are the one who controls the Pokemon in the matches, chooses the time to launch the Pokemon, chooses the time to launch the technique, locks the target to be able to eliminate the opponent.

In the journey to explore the new land, players must collect fuel, materials, items, equipment, ... to increase level, strength and quality, ... to help with training. it's yours.

Many generations of pets and many different stages of evolution, players can combine squads and apply their own fighting methods for each different match. Players will learn how to transform and experience each match.

And to challenge players, the system will launch features like pve, pvp to help you practice, earn resources, increase strength compared to other coaches.

How to play the game Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại

This is a game with attractive gameplay, interesting with full of challenges, difficulties and hardships. Players need to use Pokemon to fight opponents, find excellent players, increase the position of the trainer. Players have the opportunity to experience and practice before entering a real match.

Eye-catching, vivid graphics and sound

The game with sharp, quality 3D graphics design gives players a real feeling. The combat effects are extremely smooth and beautiful. The sound is lively, fun, and the character voice acting is very similar to the movie. The skills and moves of Pokemon when launching are extremely eye-catching and eye-catching. Thanks to the elaborateness from graphics to sound, the game has attracted a lot of gamers.

Shaping the characters in the game

Characters in the game Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại are designed and shaped meticulously, beautifully and similar to the Pokemon movie. Players also have a feeling of familiarity and closeness when playing the game.


Own a very new gameplay


Above is the information related to the game Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại for those of you who love and want to learn about this game. Wish players will have relaxing moments with Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại.

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