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The Seven Deadly Sins
App Name The Seven Deadly Sins
Genre Simulation
Developer Netmarble
Size 126MB
Latest Version 1.3.7
Mod info No Mod
Update September 21, 2022 (6 months ago)

Description of The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is a mobile game that offers an engaging fighting style and a plot that follows the original comic book. The game is developed and published by Netmarble.

If you are a fan of the Japanese manga series Seven Deadly Sins, The Seven Deadly Sins is the game for you. From the context of Medieval England, the character designs are like coming out of the original. Will definitely attract players at first sight.

The matches in the game, you will also enjoy the extremely impressive battle scenes of the Seven Deadly Sins. It feels like watching an anime, not just playing a game.

Especially the way to lead is also very different from other mobile games of the same genre. When other games are just dialogue displayed below the screen, the characters here are well voiced. Voice recorded by top voice actors. This brings many emotions to gamers.

The Seven Deadly Sins mod apk android

The Seven Deadly Sins is here and there is a Mod

There is no doubt that Netmarble is one of the leading game developers on mobile platforms. Most of the products that have been launched in their market have received positive reviews. The proof is that most of these games have received the Google Play Editors' Choice title.

The Seven Deadly Sins is also one of them. When it was first launched, it created a fever in the Asian market. Up to now, it has been making a journey to conquer global gamers.

Download The Seven Deadly Sins Mod Apk - Join a hero's journey

This game deserves a position on the rankings in the Vietnamese game market. From the plot to the gameplay as well as the in-game services, all score 10 quality points.

The plot follows the original Seven Stars Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is set in the kingdom of Liones, in a time when ancient creatures from 3000 years ago co-exist.

When the power of these ancient creatures suddenly became superior, they tended to want to dominate. The holy knights of the Liones kingdom were trying to promote and help them achieve their goals.

Princess Elizabeth begins to have suspicions of impending dangers. So, she decided to flee the kingdom, setting out to seek support. On this trip, she met and became acquainted with the young hero Meliodas.

From there, the two and other teammates were caught up in a journey to change the fate of the world.

Create different, interesting gameplay

The Seven Deadly Sins mod apk
Extremely attractive PvP game play

When compared to other role-playing games of the same genre, The Seven Deadly Sins is more appreciated. Because, it's with a completely new way of playing the game.

Still keeping the turn-based gameplay, but with a new change in the use of cards. From the 5 cards displayed at the bottom of the screen, the player will choose for the 2 characters he is using 2 skills.

If there are 2 cards with the same skill, you can upgrade that skill. Upgrades can help increase attack power, combat. Players can also use magic cards to activate ultimate skills to destroy enemies faster.

In addition, The Seven Deadly Sins is also very tactical when fighting. Players can learn the enemy's strengths and weaknesses and combine skills to come up with creative strategies.

Moreover, will never get bored while playing this game. Because, you can join the Deathmatch mode to combine with other players to defeat the giant Boss. Or enjoy skirmishes in exciting PVP mode.

The design in the game is carefully invested

The Seven Deadly Sins mod
Diversity of fortunes for players to choose from

The Seven Deadly Sins offers a diverse cast of characters. Accompanied by countless fashionable and unique costumes, ethnic styles and accessories. You can completely customize your character's appearance to your liking.

Especially in design, it must be mentioned that playing games with vertical screens using high-resolution 3D graphics. Besides, there is an alternation between story plot, dialogue, and combat. Thanks to that, the game gives the feeling that you are a central character who has full control over the journey.

What does the MOD version have?

With the pre-modified version, players only need to download and enjoy unlimited health. All items in the game are already set up in your inventory. The account will automatically be upgraded to Premium, unlocking the full version. Not only that, during the game experience, players will not encounter any ads that interrupt.


What will Elizabeth, Meliodas and other teammates in Seven Deadly Sins' world-changing journey be like? Download The Seven Deadly Sins to see what happens and what the end of the story is.

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