Street Racing 3D mod + apk 7.4.0 Unlimited Money

Street Racing 3D
App Name Street Racing 3D
Genre Race
Developer Ivy
Size 107.6Mb
Latest Version 7.4.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 24, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Street Racing 3D

Street Racing 3D is a stormy racing game from the manufacturer Ivy. This is a game that makes high-speed enthusiasts burn with their passion. A suitable choice for those who are interested in racing sport but have not had the opportunity to experience in life.

Street Racing 3D will bring the most realistic racing feeling. Modern "steel steeds" with exciting and exciting races. The game promises to bring the most worthy experience to players when enjoying the feeling of high-speed driving on the bustling streets. These will be difficult difficulties but well worth it for gamers to participate.

Street Racing 3D mod apk android

When coming to Street Racing 3D, everyone will be able to participate in great racing tracks. Manipulating to be able to drive the "war horses" is not difficult. Super cars will by default accelerate forward and gamers need to steer to turn left or right, increase throttle or slow down.

There will be 2 navigation options for the player's racing car: Manipulating the buttons on the screen; or tilt the phone in the direction you want.

Regardless of the control method, the accelerator and deceleration keys of the game will also be fixed in the interface. And participants can accelerate or brake their "war horse" with just one click to choose. Along with that, the combination of braking and cornering, you will be able to create extremely unique Nitro-based Drifts to then perform high-speed boosts far beyond the opponent.

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When experiencing Street Racing 3D, players are allowed to experience adventures to many different locations. Join us to find out the highlights of this game.

Many exciting racing modes

With Street Racing 3D, players will have 2 basic game modes to choose from. Online and offline play both add new modes and different levels. Most of you will start with the offline mode when you first join. In this game mode, players will have the opportunity to gradually approach the gameplay as well as how to participate in each type of racing car. This is the necessary amount of time before participating in more difficult tournaments or challenging other players.

When the driver is confident enough in his own driving level, choose PVP mode. There are 3 race levels in PvP mode divided into gold, silver and bronze. Participants need to have their own supercars suitable for each level to be able to participate in the race. With Bronze level – C-level racing cars, with silver class – B level and with gold class – from A level and above.

Street Racing 3D mod apk

Challenging other participants gives you an unforgettable racing experience. Show off all your steering and acceleration skills that you - the great racer - have practiced before. At the start of PvP mode, whether you win or lose, participants will receive a certain number of trophies that will help increase their rank in the ranking of the race.

Hundreds of supercars compete at Street Racing 3D

The game has more than 30 super cars that players can use for racing tracks. The "battleships" in the game are also divided into classes A, B, C, S depending on the rarity of the vehicle as well as their features. Whether the racer is using the car that was given at the beginning of the participation or an expensive supercar, it is possible to upgrade the power of that car to become stronger.

The Mod version will give you unlimited money to freely upgrade your "war vehicles". Therefore, do not worry about having to spend a lot of time plowing the game to get a lot of money.

Towards the top leagues

When joining, new riders need to practice and get used to the controls and game interface. When the driving skills are better, the driver begins to set foot in bigger tournaments. In the big tournaments, people not only get to try out the top drivers of the continents, but also have the opportunity to receive prestigious prizes at victory.

Sound and graphic design

The racing cars in Street Racing 3D have outstanding and realistic colors, they are based on the design of famous supercar models in the world. The track is also specially designed to help participants not get bored during the racing process. Effects when the racer performs Drifts and uses extremely attractive Nitro to make the game more thrilling and new.

Street Racing 3D mod

Street Racing 3D has extremely dynamic music that adds excitement to the drivers before each lap. Sound effects when Drift racers often use Nitro to accelerate extremely strongly. The game also pays attention to adding sound effects when the player crashes during the race to make the game more vivid.


Through the above article, we have shared all the information about Street Racing 3D. Hope has helped players find the right game to entertain and satisfy their passion. See you in the next interesting articles.

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