School Girls Simulator mod + apk 1.0 Unlocked/Unlimited Money

School Girls Simulator
App Name School Girls Simulator
Genre Simulation
Developer Meromsoft
Size 72MB
Latest Version 1.0
Mod info Unlocked/Unlimited Money
Update September 26, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of School Girls Simulator

School Girls Simulator is a school simulation game officially released in 2017. The game is produced by developer Meromsoft. True to its name, the game simulates the school life of an ordinary girl. The female student is in the process of growing up in a high school in Japan.

There, players can freely chat with friends, eat snacks or can confess their feelings to friends of the opposite sex. Almost every activity is similar to what schoolgirls usually do.

However, School Girls Simulator doesn't just stop at school life. At the beginning of the game, many other strange things will gradually happen in this school. The first is that zombies will attack students at set times.

Of course, your job is not to run away or scream, or let them eat all your friends. At this point, must stand up and destroy all the zombies that are raging.


Play as a heroine who saves the school from zombies

Players do not need to worry when they do not know what to get to fight zombies. Because, the game will randomly drop weapons on school grounds, as well as in classrooms, and ammunition can be purchased from shops sold on campus.

When successfully defending the school and friends, your popularity in the school will be higher. This will make it easier for you to get along with other students. This is definitely the simulation game about school life with the most interesting and realistic perspective.

Download School Girls Simulator Mod Apk - Become a school rescue heroine

School Girls Simulator promises to bring an extremely realistic role-playing experience. Moreover, it also makes many people "addicted" by its game mechanics and system.

Easy control mechanism

The control mechanism of School Girls Simulator is designed as a group of virtual keys located on the right side of the screen. The control operations include simple movements such as moving, chatting, attacking, ... There are more difficult operations such as throwing objects, dragging zombies or more scary than dragging the corpses of your classmates. just missed the killer.


Combination of virtual keys to control the character

The specific virtual key group is as follows:

  • X button: Attack kick or use weapon.
  • R button: Flight motion.
  • L button: Press to view Info.
  • Button A: This button will be changed depending on the situation.
  • Navigation buttons to move the character.

Quest System

If you are bored with boring lectures in school, School Girls Simulator will bring an extremely interesting task system. You will probably feel very happy and busy with this system.

The game will provide a series of different tasks for players to perform. At the same time, it also helps in terms of bonuses to purchase necessary items. For example, the tasks of kissing someone, buying sweets, finding seats in the lecture hall. Or accept the invitation to help her friends kill her enemies, or even kill 100 zombies.

Of course, these tasks are not mandatory. It is added for more choices, making the experience more interesting.

Outstanding features in the game School Girls Simulator Mod

In particular, you can discover new features only available in School Girls Simulator Mod. Not to mention such as Unlimited Money, Unlocked Outfits and other experiences below.

Freedom to create characters according to their preferences more attractive

In this game, it is completely possible to change the character's appearance. Done by doing at the main interface: Change eye color, hairstyle, ears. There are even wardrobes and jewelry to choose from.

Most of the items to change the appearance are free and easily obtainable. However, if you want to have more beautiful clothes and jewelry, you must buy it. Players will buy from the shop on the right side of the screen. Also don't be afraid no money, Because, it can get free by watching ads.

In addition, you can flexibly change your gender to male to look stronger if you don't want to play the role of a schoolgirl.


Players are free to create their favorite characters

Participate in school activities like a real schoolgirl

School Girls Simulator is excellent at diversifying the activities available. This is the element that makes the difference for the game.

In this game world, you can interact with anything on the screen. Normal activities such as eating, going to school are also created more interesting.

New, thrilling Zombie mode

Another attractive element in this game is the Zombie mode. When participating in this mode, a series of zombies will be sent to the school and attack the students. The mission is to destroy all these zombies to rescue everyone. Zombie mode can be customized from the menu on the main screen.


If you could go back to school, would you want it or not? School Girls Simulator brings the atmosphere of the school but also makes it unique, more attractive by the zombie mode. Surely this will be the ideal game for all students.

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