Scary Teacher 3D mod + apk OBB 5.30.1 Unlimited Money/ Free Shopping

Scary Teacher 3D
App Name Scary Teacher 3D
Genre Simulation
Developer Z Amp K
Size 1010.2Mb
Latest Version OBB 5.30.1
Mod info Unlimited Money/ Free Shopping
Update January 10, 2023 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D is a genre game that simulates the daily life of a difficult aunt and is also the nightmare of many children in the town they live in. That aunt's name is miss T and she is a math teacher at an elementary school in that town with a hobby of physically and mentally torturing children in the school.

Scary Teacher 3D - An effective stress reliever game

And on a beautiful day, that horror aunt moved back home to receive our main character, which is also the character that gamers will play. But the main character  is also very reckless when he dares to break into her house to drive her crazy. The mission of the players is also from there, just like the story told.

This game is released by the publisher Z & K Games, which specializes in creating countless other horror games. Their results have always exceeded their initial targets. Each horror game that this publisher creates brings a sense of fear, suspense, and excitement to any player who has ever experienced it.

In which, the game Scary Teacher 3D is the pride of the publisher because since its launch, the game has had tens of millions of downloads. Not stopping there, this number can continue to increase in the future because of the creativity in the gameplay as well as the great feeling that other players have tried.

Download Scary Teacher 3D mod APK - super classic horror game series

Here we will guide players how to download Scary Teacher 3D game simply without having to pay, completely free and 100% reputable as follows:

Step 1: Access the search application that your device is using, search for the name to download the game Scary Teacher 3D and click on the first link you see.

Step 2: When clicking on the link, click on the switch to store box to switch to the app store on your device and download the game.

Step 3: After switching to the app store, you continue to click on the game download box and wait until the game icon has appeared on the screen.

Step 4: Finally, please click on that icon and start teasing that scary difficult teacher!

Instructions on some ways to play and complete tasks at Scary Teacher 3D

Instructions for some easy gameplay and quests

Once the player has successfully downloaded and entered the game, there will be many different simulated levels along with the tasks that the game has set out. Your job is to solve those tasks in any way you can think of. Here are some basic instructions on how to play in the game Scary Teacher 3D:

How players can get basic controls in the game

When entering the game, players will see a drag line of various images of different objects on the right side that will help them interact with the objects in the room. On the left side will be a box consisting of 4 basic moves left and right to help players move.

In addition, players can also swipe around the screen so that the character can observe the room at will.

Please use the suggestion given by the publisher

In the way that you play and experience, you will face many difficulties, even falling into the position of a thousand pounds of hanging hair if you do not pay attention while playing. At that time, keep an eye on the bright stars so you can find help from the publisher in there that can help you a lot.

One piece of advice is that you should only use the suggestions the publisher has given in times of real urgency and running out of ideas. Because if you keep using such suggestions, it will make players feel bored when playing the game.

Always be wary of the difficult teacher miss T

Always be on high alert for Miss T's aunt

Miss T is a virtual character in Scary Teacher 3D but still gives players a feeling of fear and suspense in real life when experiencing the game online. The way to observe that lovely, respectable teacher is to look at the left corner of your device's screen.

It's best to play a few times to remember each room in her house so that when you look at the map you can see which room she is in. Pay attention to her facial expression because when her state changes it means you've been discovered.


Scary Teacher 3D is a worthy horror game for gamers to experience when they are bored with their close friends on every holiday or rest. Find out in your group of friends who is the smartest and bravest to honor and have more fun from this game!

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