Plants vs Zombies 2 10.4.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems/Suns) Download

Plants vs Zombies 2
App Name Plants vs Zombies 2
Genre Casual
Developer Electronic Arts
Size 46.8Mb
Latest Version 10.4.1
Mod info Unlimited Coins/Gems/Suns
Update March 21, 2023 (6 hours ago)

Description of Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs zombies 2 (Mod, Unlimited Coins/Gems/Suns) - a new and more exciting and exciting version of Plants vs zombies. This game is filled with horror zombie elements, unique and new style. If you are interested in the game but are still wondering how to play, read this guide!

Plants vs Zombies 2Plants vs zombies 2 - a new and more exciting version of Plants vs zombies

Plants vs zombies 2 is a single-player video game which is very popular not only in Vietnam but around the world. The game allows players to download on both iOS and Android platforms. Not only that, the game also has a PC game version and a mobile game, convenient for you to play anywhere.

With the same plot with the previous version - Plants vs zombies, players will need to protect their houses from the invasion of zombies. However, in new version, the publisher has increased the number of levels to 300 levels along with new plants and zombies. So players can unleash to conquer many new challenges and have more diverse experiences.

Not only that, when playing Plants vs zombies 2, players can also train their thinking, increase concentration and develop skills quickly. The game is designed with 2D graphics with vivid characters that make the scary zombie names also become funny and funny.

Plants vs zombies 2 is not only considered an interesting game but also a bit more difficult than the previous part. So invite you to download the game and learn some good tips when playing this game!

Conquer the hottest entertainment game 2022

In this version, there will be more new things compare to the previous part, please refer to the instructions below to be able to easily conquer the game!
Area Classification

In Plants vs zombies 2, there will be three basic regions: Ancient Egypt, Pirate Sea (Pirates), Wild West (Wild West). At the same time, each area will include 25 screens corresponding to 25 maps. Players will start playing from the first map of ancient Egypt. After that, the player will choose the appropriate plants and arrange them properly to be able to destroy all zombies approaching your house.

Functions of some new plant species

In this version 2, the publisher has provided 5 new plants with different features to make the game more vivid and stimulating. The 5 types of plants are:

  • Cabbage boxing: attack 1 zombie continuously until it dies, this plant has a very low attack range.
  • Guava freeze: freeze zombies for a certain amount of time, increase time, help other plants kill zombies. This function is mainly for
  • killing zombies with bulletproof leaves.
  • Lightning reed: hit deadly lightning.
  • Laser beans: pierce the enemy and destroy instead of ghosts.
  • Flower Boomerang: restores tree bullets and can attack from 3 or less.


Countless functions and new plants

Planting sunflowers

When planting sunflowers will spawn the sun, the player will pick up a lot of sun to be able to buy more weapons to deal with the zombies. So at the beginning of each level, players should quickly plant a lot of sunflowers. Especially planted in the first two rows, then these flowers will be protected by the front rows of weapons.

Use plants effectively

Each type of plant in Plants vs zombies has its own functions and uses. So you need to know those functions as well as the most reasonable layout to take full advantage of the tree's capabilities.

  • Put plants that can shoot zombies in the middle of the field to attack quickly and increase the highest damage.
  • Place potato mines in places where the most zombies approach.
  • Let the pumpkins protect the sun plants by placing them in front of them.
  • Plant Food or Sunflowers can generate sun.

Tips to play Plants vs zombies 2 interesting

To increase your ability to win and quickly conquer levels, you should not ignore these tips:

Make full use of potato grenade

Potato grenade are not popular with many players because it requires a lot of sun to buy. However, the potato grenade is very necessary in emergencies and when a large number of zombies are approaching because it will completely eliminate a horde of zombies that surround it when it is stepped on.

Change the layout

Players often put sunflowers inside and protected by functional trees. However, in case the zombies are advancing massively, you can choose to plant the sunflowers up front to give the latter a chance to attack longer.

Reset the game when you're about to lose the battle

While playing and you feel that the probability of winning is not high or about to lose, you can reset this game screen. Then you re-enter the game will be played from the beginning of this level.

Download Plants vs zombies 2 Mod Apk

Plants vs zombies 2 is a highly entertaining game that not only helps players relieve stresses after hard working day but also brings many useful skills. Here are a few good tips to help you conquer this game more easily. Quickly download the games and apply them!

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