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Google Find My Device
App Name Google Find My Device
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Developer Google Llc
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Update November 08, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device is a smart application developed by Google LLC and currently trusted by millions of people around the globe. Possessing many outstanding features, the tool brings a lot of benefits in finding and managing lost devices. Besides, the application also contains many other useful values ​​that will surely surprise you.

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Google LLC has successfully built many applications to support smartphone users in work and entertainment such as: Google Chat, Google Home, Youtube Kid ... and of course can not ignore Google Find My Device. This application also has many other names such as: Android Device Manager, Android Device Manager and Google device finder. Launched a few years ago, the application is gradually becoming popular and indispensable for any Android phone user.

Locate your lost phone

Mobile phones are an inseparable part of every person, an important tool for communication and entertainment. However, many people have accidentally lost their "loving mobile phone". With Google Find My Device installed on your device in advance and having the app enabled throughout, you will find your smartphone quickly and easily. To do this, developer Google LLC has designed a map similar to Google Map right on the application that when turning on the app, it will display the current location that the mobile is in for the owner to easily locate. area and search.

Google Find My Device mod

The application only supports mobile search within a radius of 20m or less. Therefore, the tool will make it convenient for you to find your "crickets" if they are lost in the bedroom, office or in the car. If you lose it in large places such as: the beach, the park, it is difficult for the application to help you find your "mobile phone".

Make the phone ring continuously

With the alarm feature, the application will make your mobile ring continuously with extremely loud sound for 5 minutes so that you can easily find your "phone". Even if you have set your smartphone to sound or vibrate before losing it, your mobile will still ring an alarm if you have Google Find My Device installed and enabled this feature. After finding the mobile phone, you should turn off the ringer by clicking Stop running or restarting the "mobile phone".

Erase data remotely

When your mobile is lost, it contains a lot of important data for work and private photos and videos. To avoid the case that those with malicious schemes spread widely and use the content on your "mobile phone" for malicious purposes, users should use the remote data deletion feature to delete all the data. The content is available on "mobile phone". This feature is useful in protecting the privacy of smartphone owners.

Lock screen “love phone”

With the screen lock feature, the Google Find My Device application will help users automatically lock the phone screen by creating an extra layer of security in addition to the passcode that the user has installed normally on the mobile so that the user can access the device. Other people can't discover your mobile if they accidentally pick it up.

See battery status

The application also supports users to check the current battery status of the "mobile phone". If the battery is high, the hope of finding the lost cell is higher. In addition, the app can also check the details of the device's parameters connected to this application such as: which model, country of manufacture, that the owner can determine for sure if it is the device. My lost "cricket" or not.

Google Find My Device apk

Some notes when installing the application

Google Find My Device is considered a safe application for mobile because the app does not contain malicious viruses or take up too much space of "mobile phones". App installation time is quick in just a few minutes and to successfully install this application, you need to note a few things as follows:

  • Your phone must have Android 2.2 or higher configuration.
  • Mobile needs internet enabled and GPS settings throughout.
  • After installing Google Find My Device, you must enable all its features.
  • Your smartphone must be registered and logged in with a Google account.


Google Find My Device is set up with a simple, intuitive interface. The main features are displayed specifically and you turn on the features on the app with just actions: touch, drag, and drop on the screen. This tool can be easily accessed by anyone with just a few minutes of learning. The application is designed with white and green tones, creating a feeling of closeness and user-friendliness.


In order to prevent the mobile phone from being lost in the hands of strangers as well as to easily find the lost "mobile phone", everyone should install and use this completely free application. Surely, you will never be disappointed with Google Find My Device.

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