Avast Antivirus mod + apk 6.49.4 Premium Unlocked

Avast Antivirus
App Name Avast Antivirus
Genre Utilities
Developer Avast Software
Size 40M
Latest Version 6.49.4
Mod info Premium Unlocked
Update September 30, 2022 (2 days ago)

Description of Avast Antivirus

Avast's full name is Avast Antivirus, this is a software that helps users browse viruses effectively on computers and mobile phones. First released in 1988 by Avast Software (Czech Republic), the application quickly gained the trust of more than 500 million people worldwide. Possessing countless outstanding features, the app is increasingly asserting its strength in the field of technology.

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Download Avast Mod Apk  - The most trusted free antivirus software

Viruses are a threat to all devices as they gradually "eat" all data, slow down devices and disrupt people's web surfing. Every time you download applications, download data, surf the web or watch online movies from websites ..., your computer and mobile phone are easily infected by viruses. To solve this worry, you should install the Avast application. This is a useful tool to help prevent viruses effectively, safely and completely for free. For many years in a row, Avast has been voted as one of the best antivirus software in the world.

Remove any virus from the device

Set up with a smart scanner, the application quickly scans all files, images, data, folders, etc. on the "mobile phone" to remove viruses to ensure the safety of the device. After scanning for viruses, the app provides statistics with the number of viruses scanned as well as detecting the number of leaks. You can choose to scan each file or scan the entire data on the device. Avast provides in-depth information about the applications you have installed on your “mobile phone” that it is scanning for viruses such as: data usage, access rights, data… With Avast, no Are there any malicious viruses left in hiding? This software is like a solid firewall, helping to prevent and easily remove threats that are threatening users' smartphones. According to statistics, every month, Avast helps prevent more than 1.5 billion threats appearing on mobile.

Free up memory, speed up device

When the device stores too much data, it will quickly fill up the device, causing freezes and slow startup, making the use of the device difficult. In order for the "mobile phone" to work strongly, you need to free up some space. On the Avast application, there is a Boost RAM feature that will help you solve this worry quickly with just one touch. It only takes a few seconds, the junk files stored on the device are quickly cleaned.

Protect privacy

According to user reviews, they have complete peace of mind when using Avast because of the absolute safety device protection application. Moreover, each person's privacy is not violated when the software does not infringe on images and any data. Moreover, Avast also has built-in VPN, allowing users to discover all the content they love anonymously, with no history of access and well-hidden IP addresses.

Anti-theft feature

Avast has anti-theft features to help prevent people from experiencing data loss at the hands of hackers and bad guys. You can turn on the Anti-Thief  feature to set a pin code for the device, lock the data on the sim, lock the applications that are installed on the device, hide private images and turn on the automatic camrera to take photos of your feet. use the intruder. Avast helps keep your “mobile phone” safe to the highest level.

Measure wifi speed

A useful feature of Avast that many users love is measuring wifi speed to make network access go more smoothly. The application gives accurate parameters of the strength and weakness when uploading and downloading data of the wifi you are using. If you find that the wifi signal is too weak, everyone should change to another wifi to save time in accessing, and at the same time bring high efficiency in work and meet the maximum entertainment needs: surfing the web, watching movies, etc. watch video…

No viruses, no ads

As anti-virus software, of course Avast does not contain viruses, so the application is safe for all devices. Moreover, the app does not contain ads, so the virus removal process is always smooth, smooth and smooth in the shortest time to protect the user's "mobile phone".


Avast is designed with a friendly and easy to use interface. Dark blue is the main color of the app, creating harmony and comfort for the user's eyes. The main features are displayed intuitively for everyone to easily operate with just one touch. Anyone can easily experience this software without having to spend a lot of time to learn. It can be said that Avast is a smart and extremely useful antivirus application that any device should use. The application is simple to install and does not charge users. So, protect your "mobile phone" with Avast now.

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