ZEPETO 3.37.500 MOD APK (Free Rewards, No ADS) Download

Genre Simulation
Developer Naver Z Corporation
Size 275.3Mb
Latest Version 3.37.500
Mod info Free Rewards, No ADS
Update September 21, 2023 (3 days ago)

Description of ZEPETO

ZEPETO is a social networking app that allows users to create a personalized avatar that looks like them. The app uses augmented reality (AR) technology to scan the user's face and create a 3D avatar that can be customized with different outfits, accessories, and hairstyles.


The app is highly popular among young people, who use it to create their own virtual identity and connect with other users. ZEPETO allows users to chat, take photos, and play games with their friends in a virtual world.

One of the most impressive features of ZEPETO is its graphics. The app's visuals are highly detailed, and the avatars look incredibly realistic, thanks to the use of AR technology. The app also features a range of fun animations and gestures that make the avatars come to life, adding to the overall user experience.

Social Features

ZEPETO's social features are also highly engaging. The app allows users to connect with friends and join communities based on shared interests. Users can also create their own virtual spaces, such as rooms and homes, and decorate them with furniture and other items.

One potential drawback of ZEPETO is that it can be addictive, with some users spending hours customizing their avatars and exploring the app's virtual world. However, for those who enjoy social networking and virtual worlds, ZEPETO is a highly entertaining app that offers a unique and engaging experience.


ZEPETO is a highly impressive app that uses AR technology to create a personalized and interactive virtual world. Its graphics and social features are exceptional, and the app is sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys social networking and virtual worlds.

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