Wattpad mod + apk 9.69.0 Premium Unlocked

App Name Wattpad
Genre Books and Reference
Developer Wattpad.com
Size 17M
Latest Version 9.69.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
Update September 30, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Wattpad

Wattpad is a well-known reading application on mobile phones that is loved by millions of people all over the world, including in Vietnam. The content of this app is diverse and abundant with more than 1,000 stories posted every day. The App not only helps readers satisfy their passion for reading stories, but also joins the world's largest online reading community to make friends, exchange, and learn. Instead of having to buy books or go to the library to search for good stories, you should install Wattpad on your "mobile phone" to binge-read anytime, anywhere for free.

Download Wattpad Mod Apk - A popular reading application on mobile phones

Apart from playing games, listening to music, watching movies, and reading online stories is also a form of entertainment that many people choose. Having presented in 2006, Wattpad has brought the world of stories closer to readers, especially young people who are passionate about reading books and comics. The application has brought a rich spiritual life to all people of all ages. More than 25 million visitors to the app per month is a big success, which shows the special attraction of this app.

Massive library of stories

Just turn on the Wattpad app, a world of stories of many genres will appear in front of your eyes, in which are all good stories from famous authors all over the world. Readers feel free to ponder several novels from love, history, psychology, fiction, science, detective, horror, inspirational stories... to special comic books.

Stories on the app will be displayed visually in large, bright, easy-to-read font sizes in 50 different languages ​​for users to access easier. Long stories will be divided into chapters and the stories being released in each part will be continuously updated. You should turn on the notification mode to be ready to enjoy the latest part that the app has just uploaded. Each book will bring readers a different feeling and spectacular charisma. Wattpad also fully provides information about the author for readers to keep up with. Under each sample of stories read, you can express your thoughts about the content and your favorite characters.

Wattpad's strength is its strong staff, so every day they upload the latest and hottest stories for readers to access and do not miss any special book. Therefore, more and more bookworms download this app to their mobile phones instead of having to hold bulky books in their hands.

Massive reader community

The application has built a massive reader community of about 90 million people from many different countries all over the world. This is a healthy entertainment place for everyone to have a literary experience of reading, interacting, sharing, chatting and expressing their thoughts about a shared favorite story. It's great that Wattpad has connected people with the same interest in reading stories together, regardless of age, gender, or region.

Self-composing stories

Instead of being absorbed in reading stories, readers who are gifted in literary creation can reveal their talents on the app by sharing self-composed story samples for everyone to enjoy. You will create your own category on the app to upload your articles to it. Under each shared writing, many other readers will read and leave comments, suggestions, likes... to help you improve your writing skills. The Wattpad application ensures that each author's intelligence will not be stolen by other online story-reading sites.

Updating articles about celebrities

Apart from constantly updating good stories and allowing readers to post their own works, Wattpad staff also write articles about celebrities in various fields for readers to catch up with information and relax. It's fantastic because not only can you read the story for free on the app, but also not miss any news about the idols. Wattpad is really a smart entertainment application, meeting the demands of readers in every corner of the world.

Synchronizing across multiple devices

A Wattpad account allows users to login on many different devices such as phones, computers, tablets to read stories at any time and anywhere. Just turn on the sync mode, you will save your favorite stories and mark the number of pages you are reading. No matter what device you turn on the app, you can read all the stories.

Intuitive interface

Wattpad is designed with an intuitive, simple, and easy-to-navigate interface, so readers can easily use the app with just learning in a couple of minutes. Hot stories are displayed on the homepage for readers to access easier. The search engine is set scientifically on the app to help you find your favorite stories in the quickest way. If you are a big fan of stories and fancy reading, you should download Wattpad to your mobile device to experience it right now.

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