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App Name VSCO
Genre Photography
Developer VSCO
Size 86.5Mb
Latest Version 314
Mod info Premium Pack/X Subscription
Update March 22, 2023 (1 days ago)

Description of VSCO

VSCO Pro is always in the top of the top photo beautification tools that receive the most downloads on both phones and computers. This application not only owns many professional editing features, but also has a very good professional camera. However, the most impressive thing when it comes to the application is probably the extremely beautiful filter store. This is the element that creates artistic photos. If you are also interested in learning about this application, please read the introduction right below.

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Download VSCO Mod Apk - Discover the ultimate photo editing and design application

VSCO owns many elements that create beautiful and attractive photos just like they have been through the hands of professional photographers. Besides, a series of features of the app also facilitate freer and more creative editing. Among them, the most prominent features include:

Full-featured professional photo editing but no cost

VSCO owns a professional editing toolkit with many useful features but does not cost users. Thanks to that, you are sure to get the best photos in just a few minutes of editing.

VSCO's editing feature set has both basic and advanced features. These features are:

  • Brightness adjustment feature
  • Grain feature, add vibrancy to photos
  • Image crop feature
  • Image rotation, angle adjustment
  • Contrast feature
  • The feature of creating angles, making photos more sharp
  • Color effect creation feature
  • Features to change skin tone
  • Blur feature

Photography feature supported by the app

In addition to using existing photos, VSCO also allows using the VSCO camera to take photos and edit them right on the app. It is important that photography like this is greatly supported. The App offers finger focus feature. Simply touch the spot to highlight and move the center of the circle to focus.

VSCO apk mod

Along with the focus feature, when you touch a position in the image, you can also measure the brightness and change it accordingly. Even more interesting is that the circle that appears when touched can also be locked to keep the focus and metering points intact.

In addition, VSCO also conventions to add some icons when shooting to serve the different needs of users. These icons are:

Frame icon: allows to choose the picture frame in the following formats: square, grid, standard frame and balanced frame.
Flash icon
Moon icon: serving the needs of taking pictures in poor conditions

Beautiful and artistic filter store

VSCO owns a filter store with a variety of topics. In which, 10 filters are provided for free. The rest of the filters cost money to activate and are updated very often. However, regardless of the filter, it is guaranteed to have the most eye-catching colors. Many filters have very poetic concepts and make a strong impression at first sight. They are designed according to their own formula, ensuring professionalism in addition to the most natural and harmonious.

In addition, if you do not want to apply pre-calculated filters to the image, you can find and view other color correction formulas and edit accordingly. Or if you have time, it's pretty cool to create a new recipe to use yourself.

Export quality images, not broken

When using VSCO for photos, you will never have to worry about the output image being out of focus due to over-correction. All images from the application are saved with the best quality and are available in Full HD download format. So. When uploaded to Facebook or Instagram, the image is guaranteed to be sharp.

Own a social network exclusively for VSCO users

You will be surprised to hear that VSCO also has an official community page for its users. This is a place to share my beautiful photos to the public as well as refer to other people's photos.

First, to share a photo, you need to upload it to your Grid system by pressing the plus sign on the right side of the screen. Then just select a photo to upload. Conversely, to see other users' photos, you just need to go to the Home page, click Explore.

The interface is simplified but still ensures easy operation for users

VSCO's interface design is somewhat overly minimalistic. It mainly takes the image as the center and does not place heavy emphasis on showing the feature buttons. However, the app is still invested in the user manual. When editing, there are still small lines of text that show the content of the features of each button. Therefore, users can still know what they need to do if they want to edit photos.

In addition, VSCO still maintains the spirit of being a photo editing app, not a social network. Therefore, the notification page is left hidden, avoiding disturbing users when editing.

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