Video Downloader mod + apk 2.0.1 Pro Unlocked

Video Downloader
App Name Video Downloader
Genre Video Players and Editors
Developer Inshot Inc
Size 10.67 MB
Latest Version 2.0.1
Mod info Pro Unlocked
Update December 28, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Video Downloader

Video Downloader is a versatile tool and utility that helps users to download or copy any video they find while accessing the internet. Its capabilities can also be applied to social networking applications, always giving users many options to download high-quality videos and save in various formats. Besides that, it also comes with lots of customization and personalization to enhance the user experience while downloading everything.

Video Downloader

Download Video Downloader Mod Apk - An application that supports downloading media

Video Downloader can be integrated into many other applications, such as web browsers or social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. It will automatically search all the source code of a web page. or apps and give users many options to download videos with many distinct qualities. The application also allows to change the location of the video and promises to download any video that the user is interested in. The application is compatible with video and can download other multimedia files it finds in any source code. It can also download everything in its original format, or users can manually convert every file's format during the download, including their save location. Thanks to the source code grabbing and downloading everything, users can freely use any platform without skipping any videos that interest them.

Integrated Tools For Quick Access

Video Downloader will integrate downloading videos via notification bar or bubble overlay, making access to all functions more convenient. Moreover, it will automatically send a notification when it finds a video to download, and the user can directly select all the features through the notification bar. Meanwhile, bubble overlay is often used for bulk or critical downloads and requires only a few simple interactions to download everything. Besides providing quick access when downloading videos, users can customize a variety of actions themselves, making them more agile. Some functions even allow users to automatically change the download location, making it easier to organize all media files after downloading. The download will always be done in the background and is optimized to consume less performance but still have the highest download speed.

Manage Your Download Progress

Video Downloader's download progress is saved as a list and users can directly change or manage them. If you download multiple content at the same time, their speed will be split evenly based on the number of downloads, so users can limit the speed for each file. That is extremely effective when users download movies, and can comfortably enjoy the content while downloading.

Save Your Files in Password Protected Locations

Video Downloader will provide users with many files with passwords, helping them to protect folders or hide content if they do not want others to discover. It's a convenience function, and users can directly download files with passwords, but they'll need to enter the password for each download. Besides protecting the files inside, they cannot appear in the directory listing and can only be accessed through the application. Video Downloader's ability will help users to download anything they need, even optimize user experience to watch or save any video comfortably. Its compatibility is also very extensive, allowing users to download all media file formats and save them anywhere on the device.

Video Error Detection

Video Downloader will provide information of the video to help users know about that video. More specifically, the video's errors are detected and promptly removed by the application. The error will interrupt the download process, and the video quality is not really impressive, so immediate removal is the best option.

Video Quality Guarantee

When downloaded, the video quality remains the same as the original. The application will minimize the risks affecting you to make an impression on viewers. The download quality will be preserved and give you the best experience when viewing the results.


With complete setup and many useful features, Video Downloader will ensure that Android users can easily download their favorite videos, music and photos online. Feel free to visit any desired website and have your selected content available offline after a few simple taps. With optimized download speeds and a variety of useful settings, you can always get the most out of Video Downloader's great mobile app.

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