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App Name Duolingo
Genre Education
Developer Duolingo
Size 31M
Latest Version 5.78.3
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Update October 22, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Duolingo

Duolingo is a free language learning app for everyone today. This app has fun language lessons that aim to improve learners' communication. When you download this app to your device, you will learn all the languages ​​you love without paying any cost. The App also has the function to help you memorize vocabulary better as well as review what you have learned, helping you have a successful foreign language learning process.


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Officially launched on June 19, 2012, Duolingo provides data on language overview lessons with the aim of helping users learn the language they like, anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone to learn.

Up to now, Duolingo is used by millions of people around the world with the desire to improve foreign languages. This application is not only for learning purposes but also for work purposes. Let's take a look at some of the special features of this application!

Provide free, diverse and rich lesson content in many languages

As one of the leading English learning applications today, Duolingo allows users to freely choose the language they want to learn. Lessons are arranged according to the level of the learner. So you can choose the right lessons for your current level. Thanks to that, it will progress very quickly.


This App not only provides free English lessons, but also has a lot of other language lessons with a huge vocabulary. Helps to improve all-round skills of learners. Coming to this application, you will have to go through the process of self-study, review and test.

When completing a lesson, the user will continue to learn the next lesson with increased difficulty. You can also skip the lesson and just take the test to get to the next lesson. In particular, Duoling has a vocabulary pronunciation for users who do not know how to read. From there, know how to pronounce correctly.

Vocabulary with many interesting topics makes it fun to use to learn languages

The arrangement of groups of words by topic will make it easier for users to memorize. Each vocabulary word will have accompanying example sentences so that learners can understand in which context this word should be used.


Groups of words will help users focus more, collect and expand vocabulary on certain topics instead of learning vocabulary in a rambling, messy way. Indeed, Duolingo is a great language learning tool for you to perfect your language skills and upgrade your skills faster.

Help learners track their daily progress and see their own progress

This language learning application has a learning process tracking feature so that learners can see how they have learned and how they are progressing. It will also help you identify gaps in your learning. From there, create the motivation to review the knowledge and practice the shortcomings themselves.

Learn foreign languages ​​with vivid visuals

Eye-catching visual design creates excitement for learners so they don't get bored. Also thanks to the colorful images, learners will always be inspired when learning. Therefore, the acquisition of knowledge will also be much more effective.

Set goals and remind you to study and review every day

The Duolingo app will always remind you every day when it's time to study. And when you hear the prompts, you need access to complete what you learn each day. Reviewing helps you remember longer. Besides reviewing, you also need to regularly practice the parts that you do not remember well to improve the effectiveness of foreign language learning.

Rankings and rewards to make learning more enjoyable

When you complete enough and correct daily learning goals, Duolingo will give you incentive gifts like badges and diamonds. You can use it to purchase items in the in-app store. The combination of learning and collecting achievements like playing games will make learners more interested in learning. From there, diligently access the application every day, fully participating in the lessons of the application.


Super nice and user-friendly application interface

With an impressive interface design at first sight, Duolingo has received huge downloads since its release until now. The main color of the application is white and blue, creating a comfortable feeling for learners. In particular, with this color, learners will not feel tired when studying for a long time.

The application takes the image of a blue owl with a vivid expression as its icon. This owl is present in almost every lesson of learners, reminding everyone to always study hard and diligently every day.

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