Clash Royale mod + apk 3.3074.6 Unlimited money

Clash Royale
App Name Clash Royale
Genre Strategy
Developer Supercell
Size 218.9Mb
Latest Version 3.3074.6
Mod info Unlimited money
Update January 16, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the outstanding strategy games with strange and extremely unique gameplay. The exciting and engaging battles will definitely bring great moments of entertainment and relaxation for gamers. Players will have the opportunity to enter the world of action games with extremely sophisticated tactics, experience a game world full of intrigues and calculations.

Clash Royale - Extremely dramatic strategy game

With extremely vivid 3D graphics, you will have the feeling of being immersed in combat in dramatic games. Published by the extremely reputable giant Supercell, gamers do not need to worry about problems arising in the Clash Royale game.

To be able to download the game, players need their mobile phone with Android 4.1 or higher operating system and for iOS 9.0 or higher. The price of the game is free for everyone to play, so feel free to join this exciting game.

Clash Royale has a gameplay like a card strategy game that many people have known, perfectly combined with extremely attractive and new battle layout elements.

The main task of gamers in the game is to use the warriors called from the cards, aiming to attack and destroy the enemy's central base to be able to win the match. . Try to use your survival fighting skills to be able to defeat those opponents.

Download Clash Royale Mod Apk- summon energy to destroy enemies

In each battle in the game, both fighting factions will own for their team a fortress in the center and guard towers to help protect that main fortress. Each watchtower will have the task of protecting a guide to the main fortress, if in case those watchtowers are destroyed, troops will have the opportunity to proceed directly to the main fortress without needing to enter the main fortress. Destroy all remaining watchtowers.

Gamers will need oil energy to be able to summon the ultimate power of the cards. Each card has a rarity, ability and power completely different, so the oil energy used to summon those cards will also be different.

Normally, players playing Clash Royale  will need to accumulate for themselves from 2 to 5 oil points to be able to summon warriors from their cards. The game character's oil storage can hold up to 10 oil points.

When the match ends, it is time for one of the two teams to destroy the central fortress of their opponent. In case the time runs out, the team that destroys more of the opposing team's watchtowers will be the winner of that battle.

Special types of champion cards

Collect countless gold special champion cards

There are countless types of cards in the game Clash Royale, gamers can collect those cards through the process of fighting as well as opening chests in each battle. Those cards will have different qualities, corresponding to their rarity, classified into 3 levels as normal, rare, and extremely rare.

Each type of card will have its own different levels and once you have collected the necessary number of cards, you can use the gold you have to upgrade those cards. The purpose of upgrading cards is to help increase their strength on the fierce battlefield.

Class . Strength Cards

Besides the purpose of dividing the types of cards according to the rare level, in the game Clash Royale, the cards are also divided into different groups of cards.

Cards for soldiers

These are warrior cards that are called back and can move flexibly to attack the enemy. There are countless types of warrior cards with different ways of attacking such as: knights, zombies, witches, ... The warrior card has the main task of bringing victory for thrilling matches in the game. game.

Magic card

For this type of card, gamers will see its ultimate power. The magic card has the ability to attack the opponent's fortress quickly and extremely high destructive power.

Building card

These are cards that allow gamers to build fortresses on the field itself. The task of these fortresses is to summon armies to fight and attack the enemy. However, the amount of health at these structures is not permanent but will decrease over time and enemies can attack and destroy it easily.

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Explosive battles and fortresses that need to be strictly guarded are still waiting for everyone to enter. Quickly join the game Clash Royale to perform your noble mission.

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