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Arceus X
App Name Arceus X
Genre Tools
Developer Sophaniey
Size 176 MB
Latest Version 1.3.5
Mod info Original Version
Price Free
Update July 03, 2024 (1 weeks ago)

Arceus X is the leading hacking tool for Roblox players, especially for those who love Blox Fruit. With version v3 2.1.4 on ApkModay, Arceus X offers a fresh and exciting gaming experience. Let’s delve into the details of Arceus X and learn how to download and install it for the best gaming experience.

Introduction to Arceus X

Arceus X is a Blox Fruit hacking application developed specifically for Roblox and can only operate on the Android operating system. This app currently offers features like auto quest completion, resource hacks, fast travel, and many other features to give players an advantage in the game.

When you download Arceus X from ApkModay, you will find it easier to use as we have optimized this app significantly compared to the original version. Let’s explore more about this app in the following sections.

Introduction to Arceus X
Introduction to Arceus X


Outstanding features of Arceus X

To understand what Hack Blox Fruit Arceus X can do and why people praise this application so highly, let’s look at its capabilities:

Auto Farm

Auto Farm, as its name suggests, is a feature used to collect resources automatically. Not only during gameplay but also when you are offline, you can set up this feature for the bot to farm on its own.

Movement hacks

All categories of movement hacks like flying, speed hacking, and instant teleportation are available in Arceus X. You can enable these features in the main menu of the application.

God mode

This is the immortality feature in Blox Fruit. Your characters will become invincible and unbeatable, no matter how they are attacked. This is one of the unique features of Arceus X.

Script Hub

Like other software, the latest Arceus X v3 can also be used to add open-source codes, enriching your gaming experience.

Outstanding features of Arceus X
Outstanding features of Arceus X


Detailed guide to using Arceus X

To use the features of Arceus X, you just need to turn them on in the application’s menu. However, adding scripts can be a bit complicated. Follow the script adding guide below:

Step 1. Grant admin rights, disable antivirus

After successfully installing Arceus X on your device, you need to grant it admin rights to fully utilize its functions. Then temporarily disable antivirus programs (or add Arceus X to the exception list, no need to disable antivirus).

Step 2。 Create a Script

To create a script, select “Script Hub” or “Add Script” in the main menu of Arceus X.

Step 3。 Add Script

After opening the add script window, you can write your own script. Or you can find many unique scripts online.

Step 4. Save script

After completing, just click “Save.” Later, when you need to use any script, you just need to enter it and click “Activate.”

Detailed guide to using Arceus X
Detailed guide to using Arceus X


Why download the Arceus X version at ApkModay?

Arceus X is a great choice for quickly finding, downloading, and experiencing your favorite games. However, downloading the game directly from this application’s website can bring potential risks. Some malware might be “embedded” into the APK files of the games, putting your device at risk if you don’t have effective security measures.

On the contrary, we believe that using apps like Arceus X, Jojoy App, App Cmanga, Xingtu Apk through ApkModay is the best choice for you. At ApkModay, every application undergoes rigorous testing before being released. We guarantee there are no security risks when downloading and using Arceus X from ApkModay.

Detailed guide to downloading Arceus X

ApkModay always updates the latest versions of Arceus X. You should also note not to download this application from other sources to avoid the risk of personal information theft.

Step 1. Download the APK file

At the end of the Arceus X article on ApkModay, click the "Download" button. Then, choose the version you want and download it.

Step 2. Install the APK file

After downloading, go to your device settings and "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources." Click on the downloaded APK file, follow the instructions, and click "Install."

Step 3. Enjoy the application

After installation, click "Open" to start playing. Now, you can experience Arceus X with exciting features from ApkModay.

Detailed guide to downloading Arceus X
Detailed guide to downloading Arceus X


Download the latest Arceus X V3 2.1.4 (Hack Blox Fruit) for Android

Are you ready to dominate the Blox Fruit world? Download the latest Arceus X V3 2.1.4 at ApkModay to experience top-notch hacking features and become the strongest pirate! Don’t miss this opportunity, click “Download” and install Arceus X today.



What is Arceus X?

Arceus X is a hacking application specifically designed for Roblox, especially the game Blox Fruit. It offers features like auto farm, movement hacks, God mode, and more.

Why should I use Arceus X?

Arceus X gives you an advantage in the game, automating tasks, collecting resources, and even making you invincible in the game.

Is Arceus X safe to use?

If you download Arceus X from ApkModay, you can rest assured as all applications on ApkModay have undergone thorough security checks.

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