The New Netflix Ad-Supported Tier Might Cost You $7-$9 Monthly

Wednesday, 31/08/2022 16:29 PM

The New Netflix Ad-Supported Tier Might Cost You $7-$9 Monthly

According to the latest information from Bloomberg, Netflix is ​​said to offer a lower ad-supported tier for users, the price is predicted to fall between $7-$9 per month, and Netflix executives are considering this.

Also, according to the information revealed by this source, the world's leading streaming service will program to insert about four minutes of advertising in every hour of watching a movie. These ads will only appear before and during the shows, and users will not have to go through the annoying ads when the program ends.

This new $7-$9 price range only offers users standard definition streaming quality, but the upside is that it's lower than the $9.99 Netflix currently offers. To enjoy high-definition streaming, users will have to spend $15.99 per month, double the newly announced ad-supported tier. In addition, Netflix's Premium 4K plan remains the same at $19.99 a month.

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Non-Repetitive Ads

Netflix will likely keep pricing for their new ad-supported service for international markets. Therefore, the most affordable price will be used by us for reference, including $6.99 a month for UK audiences and $10.99 a month for Australian audiences.

Bloomberg also confirmed that the new Netflix service with ads will be announced sometime in the final quarter of the year. Besides, in the latest announcement from this streaming service, Microsoft will be the unit responsible for the operation and marketing of their new option.

Netflix will try not to offend viewers by diversifying the content of newly added ads, and they will not be targeted to a specific audience. As a result, viewers will experience the ads in the most positive way possible.

Analysis: A Risky Move By Netflix

Netflix is ​​facing unprecedented challenges, as the company is facing a wave of declining subscribers and a strong resurgence in many services. other streaming in recent years. The company's revenue will now come from both new user registration fees and associated ad units.

The Bloomberg report also mentions that Netflix wants to offer a lower price option to attract more users, and this option has the potential to retain customers who are looking to cancel their Netflix subscription at the supposed price. relatively high current.

However, the company will have to think carefully about its new or new design, as many reports suggest that the ad-supported tier contains a hidden code that prevents subscribers from downloading their favorite movies and shows to their devices to watch offline.

So far, Netflix hasn't made any new announcements, and we'll have to wait and see for an accurate assessment of the quality and value of this new Netflix option, as well as whether it is worth your money.

by Jenny