Whack the boss

Whack the boss
App Name Whack the boss
Genre Simulation
Latest Version
Update July 27, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Whack the boss

Introducing the game Whack the Boss

As mentioned above, Whack the Boss is an extremely funny and interesting game. Think back to a time when you worked for the company. Just being late will be deducted from your salary, just being late will have your salary deducted, especially if you work overtime a lot, but your boss does not bother to increase your salary. On weekends, instead of going out with your lover, friends, or being satisfied with sleeping from morning to afternoon, the boss gives you a new work deadline. You get mad and want to hit your boss back. Of course, in real life you can’t do that, but in Whack the Boss you absolutely can. The game allows you to transform into a guy who beats the boss with guns, arrows, with anything you can hold in your hand. An extremely attractive game that makes anyone want to indulge once.

80 types of weapons for you to vent

It’s great, in this game you will be provided with more than 80 types of weapons by the manufacturer. From heavy guns with high damage, to arrows, bows and crossbows, hammers, knives, axes, logs, trees… Everything can “teach” your boss to know his hands.
Real photo face setting
This is an extremely new feature of Whack the Boss. The game allows you to set up faces with real pictures. Thus, your current boss’s face is also set up in the game, you can beat him freely.

Vivid graphics, clear sound

The game uses realistic, vivid 3D graphics. The scenery in the game, the weapons in the game look real. Not to mention, the sound is very clear, making the player feel like you have really defeated your boss.

Download Whack the Boss Apk free game for Android

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