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Talking Tom Gold Run
App Name Talking Tom Gold Run
Genre Action
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Size 97.9MB
Latest Version
Mod info Much money
Update September 20, 2022 (6 months ago)

Description of Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run a game where a thief has sneaked into your house and stole your property. You have the task of needing to chase him and get your items back. From here, an exciting race begins on dangerous roads. Players will run on the street with unexpected dangers from vehicles, obstacles ...

Unlimited chase with Talking Tom Gold Run

In it, players can slide their fingers to dodge and fly over the dangers on the road. If the player collides twice with the obstacles on the road, the game will be over. In addition, the player must try to pick up coins as his reward, which will help you build your own creations.

Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless race. Players will also receive a lot of support items. They may appear randomly on the runway.

  • Term of the helmet : This one is like a helmet to protect the player from collision. Players can continue their race without encountering any dangerous obstacles.
  • Magnet duration : This item is like a special magnet, helping the player to suck the money that the thief drops on the way.
  • Duration of the Airplane : The plane will help the player overcome all dangers. Players will fly in the sky and freely collect their coins.
  • Double Bar Duration: The X2 symbol will help the player double his reward.

Download Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk- Explore a beautiful world

Coming to this game, players can freely explore a whole new world. Players can fully immerse themselves and do this rescue mission.

New advantages in Talking Tom Gold Run game

Here are some updated pros that players should know about:

  • Explore a magical Winter Wonderland world: winter has come to the world of mischievous cat Tom and his friends. Let's celebrate Winter, Christmas and New Year together in the style of animals that mimic human voices and endless Endless Run.
  • Introducing new super special characters, that is Hyper Tom and Cyber ​​Angela. Both are ready for unlimited runs in this unique game.
  • New Daily Missions: The game has redesigned the Daily Mission section with greater rewards. Access the game every day, complete the task to quickly build the dream house with Tom cat.

Some small notes

However, Talking Tom Gold Run still has some small notes that players should note:

  • Direct player links to Outfit7 website and other applications in the virtual animal game series.
  • Personalize content to encourage players to re-use the app.
  • Option to be able to purchase some more in-app items.
  • The items provided have different prices in virtual currency units, depending on the current level of play of each person.
  • Alternative option to access all in-app features without having to use real money to buy anything.
  • Tips to play tom Talking Tom Gold Run game for beginners
  • Although the game is quite simple, we still give you some of the most effective gaming experiences:

Try to focus on overcoming obstacles and collecting gold

Try to overcome such obstacles and collect a lot of gold

Like most other Endless Runner games, your character in Talking Tom Gold Run automatically runs forward and the only thing the player has to do is control his character to move back and forth between 3 lanes to avoid obstacles and collect coins, as well as help items.

The main goal of the brothers in the Talking Tom Gold Run game is to collect as much gold as possible before you are defeated by an obstacle. To get the most out of each run and go as long as possible, keep an eye out for special items that enhance your character's abilities.

Use gold to buy safes containing treasures

When you earn hundreds of gold bars, you can use them to do a number of things. Besides using gold to build and upgrade houses, players can use them to buy Vault safes.

That is, after completing the construction and upgrading of the character's house, the player  starts a few more runs to collect enough gold to buy safes called Vaults. There are 3 types of safes in Talking Tom Gold Run game: wooden safes, safes and diamond safes. Players will receive wooden safes by watching promotional videos, safes by running or buying with gold, diamond safes with explosives.

Actively upgrade and build houses

Tapping the brick icons on the home screen will take the player to the house of the newest character he has just unlocked. This is where the player will do the construction work and upgrade everything. Each time you make an upgrade, your score multiplier increases to x1. So upgrade your character's house as much as you can before you make your next run.

Actively participate in raising skills every day


So we have shared with players some information about Talking Tom Gold Run for newbies. With this information, players will have more successful endless running journeys, collect more gold and be able to quickly complete their house.

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